1971 The company was established as a workshop for installing plastic shutters in buildings in Skopje
1976 The production of additional components for shutters and installation of shutters and wainscot in Skopje and other parts of Macedonia, began
1980 The first line for extrusion of PVC profiles was installed
1986 The company installed three additional lines for PVC processing and three machines for injecting parts from other thermoplastic
1990 The company is re-registered as a Private company for production of PVC profiles
1992 The company Roloplast expands by buying a factory in Negotino (R. Macedonia) with a surface of 15000 m2, 4000 m2 in 4 production halls with complete infrastructure: electricity substation, compressor station, parks and asphalt roads
1994 The company expands with two additional lines for extruding
1995 The company Roloplast invests in mixed companies in Ukraine, Albania and Bulgaria
1996 Introduction of PVC granulate production with a capacity of 200 kg/hour
1998 The company increases its production of PVC granulate with new modern line of 500 kg/hour
2000 Roloplast invests in production of sewerage pipes of f50 – f160, makes three more new lines for extruding for its own needs, and opens two shops for its own products
2006 Roloplast initiates production of four-chamber PVC profiles for windows and doors
2007 Roloplast initiates production of six-chamber PVC profiles for windows and doors

Roloplast today

Currently, the company Roloplast produces big quantities of PVC granulate of top quality for the demands of distinguished producers from Macedonia and abroad, in its two factories in Skopje and Negotino, and mixed companies in Albania and Bulgaria.

It processes all kinds of PVC profiles for shutters, wainscot, curtain rails in different models, and all kinds of additional parts for their installation.

It produces sewerage pipes according to the highest quality and the most modern technology, and high pressure polypropylene pipes for water-supply and pneumatic installation.

Roloplast owns two modern shops.

A quality system for certifying is introduced according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14000.

Today’s Annual Capacities:

  • Production of semi-finished products of PVC granulates of 5000 tons
  • Wainscot production of 648000 m2
  • Production of shutters and additional sets of 144000 m2
  • Production of curtain rails of 864000 m
  • Production of sewerage pipes of 633 t/year
  • Production of polypropylene pipes of 500 t/year

Total export of 60%.

Development Potentials

The company Roloplast has a clear vision for its development.

According to the company’s policy, it is necessary to implement a quality system and produce according to the ISO standards, so that it evolves as a modern European company.

The development plans forecast an expansion of the production, constant increase of the quality and the quantity of Roloplast products, and introduction of new models of profiles for windows, doors, etc. The development plans also include investments in similar and new products, in cooperation with other companies.

Awards and certificates